Personal Projects

Let’s Go My Dark Lord (Oct 2018)

It’s a game made in 48 hours for SGDC Game Jam C. You are the Slime. You need to push your dark lord to the Alter. To let the DARKNESS swallow the world!


TermitešŸœ (Aug 2017)

This is a web crawler can fetch the specific Douban user’s movie rating and reviews and export to a Excel file.


Goblin (Jan 2017)

It’s a Minimal static pages generator Golang app which generate pages from markdown files with little extra JSON header. This blog is create and hold by Goblin.


Fire in Cage (Dec 2014)

This game is made in 48 hours, participate the Ludum Dare Jam (LD31).


Crash of Ah (April 2014)

It’s a iOS voice control game. It’s promoted by a famous Youtube Channel.


Check it on Apple App Store


Voice Fighter (July 2011)

This game went in Top 50 in China App Store. Not available for download any more.


EggMan Jump (April 2011)

A funny and challenging jumping game!